2019-11-16 – George Knapp C2C – Skinwalker Ranch Mysteries – FBI Undercover Cases

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In the first half of the show Ryan Burns joined George Knapp to discuss his connection to the other side, plus the latest happenings at the ranch while exploring realms of existence through remote viewing, deep meditative states, and understanding occult and esoteric knowledge. Second half: Herman Groman, a retired FBI Special Agent working deep long-term secret operations as an undercover agent in the areas of organized crime and narcotics, discussed his undercover FBI investigations, including the “White Boy Rick” case.

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  1. Jason McGilvray says:

    First hour guest needs to be punched in the face. Only a beta male,- soy boy-CUCKHOLD claims β€œI guess I’m partially to blame??( relating to the plight of Native Americans being driven from their homeland…because he’s an American born in Costa Rica).


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