1994-04-03 – Art Bell Dreamland – Budd Hopkins – Aliens, Abductions and More


Art Bell – Dreamland from April 3, 1994 with Linda Moutlton Howe and Budd Hopkins. If you would like more Dreamland episodes, let me know. Enjoy😊


  1. East of the rockies

    I would love more! The dreamland shows had on even crazier guests than the regular show!

    PS Do any more Gary North shows exist besides the three you have up? I seem to remember more than three shows, but that could be due to repeats of just brief first hour type updates.

    • only heard a few dreamlands but greatful for new material, what i heard i enjoyed ! ian is great buy knapp has gone down hill.

      • Ian is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like him as well. I do have to agree with you on Knapp as well Brian.

        • East of the rockies

          Ian has had some great shows, but he wasn’t always consistent from what I remember. Have you heard the show he did with the author of Dr Mary’s monkey about jfk? That was fascinating. I liked his shows about db cooper, too.

    • I will try and post more. Unfortunately the quality on many of them is quite bad. I will try to clean them up a bit. Will check into more Gary North. I also recall him being on more with Y2K doom material back in the day. By the way I did find another Gary North show. will post this week.

      • Actually that show was a replay of one of the previously posted shows. Sorry

        • East of the rockies

          No problem about north. If you ever happen to run across another one it would be great. I really do remember him being on more often with those highly entertaining y2k shows, too.

  2. Would love to hear some Dreamland episodes. Do you have any shows that weren’t in the Ultimate torrent from years back?


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