2002-07-09 – Art Bell SIT – Gerald Celente – Future Trends

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time journeyed back to July 9, 2002 when Art Bell had his first interview with Gerald Celente. They discussed economic problems based on the five “O’s”: Over-population, Over-production, Open markets, Over capacity, and the Online revolution.

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  1. brian says:

    great guest he was basically wrong about 80 pct , but he did get india and pakistan fighting for ever right .and russia moving back towards communism.

  2. brian says:

    relistened and notice he got the dow going to 7000 , which was 7 years ahead of time basically. so he did have some things right and gold going up was right also. and i guess if you take in the financial crisis of 2008 he did better than i first stated as he did predict a shakey economy world wide.


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