2019-01-19 – Ian Punnet C2C – UFO’s & Secrecy – Smiley Face Killers Update

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John Greenewald, Jr. of The Black Vault joins guest host Ian Punnett to discuss the secret world of unidentified aerial phenomena that has plagued the military since at least the 1940s, with records that prove the UFO topic is one of the most highly classified and elusive subjects. In the first hour, reporter Nicole Weisensee Egan will provide an update on the Smiley Face Killers.

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  1. brian says:

    i especially liked ian’s idea of wrapping canadians in a wet paper towel to keep them fresh!obviously fatty canadians are tastier, and they need the fat to stay warm in the cold winters. tremendous show! next to art ian’s my favorite. gandlaf does a great job !

  2. brian says:

    relistened , ians suggestion of putting paper towel around a canadian was before microwaving ! i prefer my canadians slow roasted on a spit.

  3. East of the rockies says:

    I remember the smiley face killer stuff from 9 or 10 years ago with Ian. It is just now making the mainstream. He also used to have a lot of db Cooper shows that were interesting.


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