2002-04-17 – Art Bell SIT – Red Elk – Lizard People and the Underworld

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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to April 17, 2002 when joining Art was Red Elk a self-described half-breed Native American from both the BlackFeet and Shoshoni Nations as well as part Irish and French, who spoke about Lizard people and the underworld. First hour guest Dr. Steven Greer discussed Alternative Energy.

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  1. Jebediah Schel says:

    Steven Greer is full of shit.

  2. Red Hand Devil says:

    So Steven Greer is full of shit & out of his mind – yet yer man going on about Lizard People & Reptilians is perfectly plausible?? lol

    I don’t know how people can actually listen & believe that shite. Folks need to have standards for Christ sake, instead of buying into that hilarious bullshit!

    • wesnile86 says:

      It’s for sheer entertainment.

      • Red Hand Devil says:

        Sadly, alot of people acually believe this nonsense, man. I treat alot of Art’s shows as entertainment, but on the whole – they’re very interesting & informative. I draw the line with Lizard People, Reptilians & Obama & his Administration being Shapeshifting Greyers, though lol


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