2001-12-12 – Art Bell SIT – Red Elk – The Secret Knowledge

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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to December 12, 2001 when guest Red Elk discusses various batshit crazy stuff. First hour guest Steven Quayle discusses bioterrorism and the murdered microbiologists.

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  1. Red Cloud Shaman says:

    Love your description!! Yes, Red Elk walked the line between insanity and genius. He did indeed speak of some crazy ass shit as we used to say in the military.

    Thank you so much for bringing this particular show to the SIT archive.

    Many blessings and may grandfather (The Creator) bless you and all of your families.

    ありがとうございます。(Thank you)

    Red Cloud Shaman

  2. East of the rockies says:

    Hilarious description!

  3. Robert says:

    I have always admired and been fascinated by the profound knowledge possessed/shared by American Indians that the rest of us know little about. I listened to this show a long time ago and was excited at the chance to learn some of this important information. Because Art seemed so engaged and impressed, I thought that perhaps I just did not possess the intelligence to understand the significance of Red Elk’s words because I really struggled with alot of what he said. When I read your description I literally laughed out loud and although it doesn’t make me feel any smarter, at least I realize that I wasn’t the only listener with a big question mark hanging over my head during the broadcast.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to provide this website to us old school coast to coast fans. It’s one of my very favorite sites and I always look forward to the “new” shows.

    • Gandlaf says:

      Thank You for the kind words and glad you enjoy listening. I will be posting another show with Red Elk in the coming days.


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