2002-04-15 – Art Bell SIT – Warren Faidley – Storm Chasers

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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to April 15, 2002 when Art’s guest was Warren Faidley one of America’s first self-proclaimed Storm Chasers. Merry Christmas Eve 🎅

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  1. East of the rockies says:

    Merry Christmas! Thanks again for all the time and money you spend on the best art bell site on the internet!

  2. Red Hand Devil says:

    Much love & peace, Gandlaf. You’re a legend for keeping Art’s memory alive & strong, with this superb & special website, Buddy – massive respect to you Brother, thank you. Thank you very much for introducing me to Ian Punnett, too – I really like that dude. His shows are incredibly interesting & so Leftfield to many others. Peace & love, my friend & Merry Christmas from your Irish Brother πŸ™‚


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