2018-08-19 – George Knapp C2C – Classic Contact – Scientific Spiritualism

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First half: George Van Tassel created one of the first UFO cults – combining aliens with outsider science to build a rejuvenation machine. Director of a new movie exploring Van Tassel, Jonathan Berman, will join George Knapp to discuss how FBI agents tried to halt the army of eccentrics who gathered in the desert to create a collective with Van Tassel. Second half: A years-long sociological investigation of a sitter group witnessed table movements, table levitations, poltergeist phenomena, and other startling physical events. James McClenon, a sociology professor and licensed clinical social worker, will discuss how the group hoped to replicate Spiritualist phenomena to increase scientific understanding of psychokinesis and exploring the idea that these kinds of experiences shaped ancient religions.

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  1. Leah says:

    Yeayyyyy Knapp is Back! Gosh i have missed this guy

    Art means more than all of them to me but this is my second favorite for sure

    Thanks Gandlaf


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