2018-07-22 – George Knapp C2C – 21st Century UFOs – Animal Mutilations

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First Half: UFO activist Cheryl Costa writes the popular UFO column New York Skies for Syracuse NewTimes. She joins George Knapp to discuss data and analysis for sightings of UFO’s reported by individuals during the first 15 years of the 21st century. Second Half: From the American southwest to Argentina, New Zealand, and Britain, something insidious stalks livestock, harvesting specific organs – some of these cases involved the sighting of UFOs. Researchers from Ireland, Carl Nally, and Dermot Butler, report how these craft were observed abducting animals which later were found to have had surgical procedures performed on them.

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  1. Jason McGilvray says:

    There are few things more exciting than discussing statistics and spreadsheet analysis of bs UFO sightings. Gimme a break. “UFO Sightings Desk Reference” won’t be flying off the shelf unless it’s to the bargain bin. Another boring guest, Knapp!


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