2018-05-27 George Knapp C2C – Legendary Spy Plane – Justice Denied

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First half: The SR-71 Blackbird spy plane was, and still is, the world’s only operational Mach 3 aircraft. A new book by James Goodall covers all fifty Blackbirds built, from the first flight in 1962, to the last in 1999. Goodall will discuss what he has learned from his sources after more than sixty years in the military aviation and aerospace field and his personal relationship with Area 51 whistle-blower Bob Lazar. In the second half: After two three-year-old girls were murdered in rural Mississippi, law enforcement pursued and convicted two innocent men. Together they spent a combined thirty years in prison before finally being exonerated in 2008. Investigative journalist Radley Balko and criminal defense lawyer Tucker Carrington will recount the story of how the criminal justice system allowed this to happen.

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