2002-02-27 – Art Bell SIT – William Thomas – Chemtrails


Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returned to February 27, 2002 when researcher William Thomas revealed what is being sprayed in the skies and why there is a cover-up about the mysterious chemtrails.

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  1. East of the rockies

    Isn’t it funny to see discussions about chemtrails on youtube these days? I want to tell some of these people who think they have made a new discovery that william thomas and various others were talking about this in the mid 90s on art bell!

  2. East of the rockies

    Is the show airing now on c2cam the same William Thomas show as this one? The c2cam site claims a date of 3/14/2001, but I know they don’t always get the right dates . Thanks

  3. It’s the same. Havent checked which is correct,


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