1999-01-18 – Art Bell SIT – Alex Heard – Apocalypse Pretty Soon

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time returns to the night of January 18, 1999 when guest Alex Heard from Wired magazine discusses the coming Millennium and Apocalypse tales.

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  1. Easy of the rockies says:

    Rest In Peace, Art. May God bless you and your family. I started listening to art when I was 15 and have heard thousands of episode. I listened every night from Jan 96 until his retirement in 2003. Then I tried to hear his weekend shows and of course his xm and internet based comebacks. This site has helped preserve so many great memories i had growing up with all of the classic shows.

    Art bell was truly the GOAT radio show, at least since I have been alive and listening. I sure hope art died of natural causes and nothing suspicious.

    • Easy of the rockies says:

      Drudge is linking to my favorite moment of the show – the area 51 caller who started screaming and then the entire satellite signal went down. I still remember listening to drudge in 98 or so interview with art – and drudge had been a true art bell listener since before I started. Art seemed very surprised when drudge referenced Gordon Michael scallion. The obvious influence on drudge can still be seen today – he covers ufos, excorcisms, major weather and natural disasters, etc with an emphasis not really seen elsewhere in mainstream circles.

      Does anyone have that drudge interview? I have never heard it again after listening live that night long ago.


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