2017-11-26 C2C George Knapp – The Other Side of Opioids

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Millions of Americans who rely on opioid medications for pain relief are in anguish because of government pressure to reduce prescriptions. These actions are in response to media reports about an opioid “crisis.” Imagine diabetics being told they can no longer be prescribed insulin. George Knapp recently produced a multi-part investigative series for KLAS on opioids, and the people who truly need them. He’ll explore pain relief, big pharma, and government intrusion, with multiple physicians and professionals including Dr. Lynn Webster, Josh Bloom, Stephen Ziegler and Richard Lawhern.


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  1. brian says:

    having an ex girlfriend who almost over dosed recently i found this to be interesting…. but she didnt have pain she just wanted to get high.. problem is easy access off the street. just my opinion, but she started on grass and kept wanting more. bigger high, i say what art bell’s libertarian candidate for president said: legalize it. it was 1996 interview legalize and tax it. think the guy ‘s name was brown. great art bell show.


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