2001-08-01 – Art Bell SIT – Slyvia Browne – Psychic Abilities

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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 8/1/2001 when Sylvia Browne discussed her psychic abilities. First hour guest, Dr. Steven Greer talked about the Disclosure Project, and the increasing number of military people coming forward with their claims of ET contact.

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  1. John Steiger says:

    “Sylvia” NOT “Slyvia” in the title.

    You do a wonderful job and perform a great service herein!

  2. GJoe says:

    I prefer “Slimeula” based on the fact that she was a fraud, crook and scumbag!

  3. GJoe says:

    and yes I guess she was also a little sly (hence the SLYvia in the title) in getting morons to pay her money for her B.S. scamming….


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