2017-04-16 – George Knapp C2C – Legends of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

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Butch Cassidy was a notorious train robber, bank robber, and leader of the Wild Bunch gang in the American Old West. Kerry Ross Boen, founder of the National Center and Association for Outlaw and Lawman History joins George Knapp to discuss a new version of the Cassidy saga after finding proof that Cassidy was alive and well after his supposed death in November, 1908. In the third hour, Jerry Nickle, the great grandson of William Henry Long (the Sundance Kid), shares his research that shows Sundance was framed as a horse and railroad thief. In the last hour, biographers Chet and Kim Brackett detail the history of Tap Duncan, an associate of Cassidy, who likely pulled off one of the most famous bank robberies in the Old West.

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