1998-11-23 – Art Bell SIT – Howard Weinstein – Life On A Nuclear Submarine


Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to November 23, 1998 when Howard Weinstein spoke about serving on a submarine deeply submerged during wartime, which was the basis for the film, The Hunt for Red October.


  1. i lived 15 minutes from where the guest did by where he said he went to buy arts book.subject i thought was great, the interview was fantastic. but the guest himself was a nothing.

  2. East of the rockies

    Was this really the basis for Hunt for Red October? I haven’t listened yet….

    • I enjoyed the interview, tho the claim it was the basis for the Hunt for Red October may just be C2C bullshit.

      • East of the rockies

        I will give it a listen then if you liked it. Really i enjoy just about every pre 911 art bell show anyway. The post 911 shows can still be good, but are much more hit or miss. Am I alone in that view?

      • I agree.That’s about the time when Art sold the show to Premiere and they were controlling much of the content and promoting SNoory as the next great host.

        • East of the rockies

          Yeah, and it seems that 911 really changed art, too. He became a lot more of a government cheerleader for the cia and nsa spying on the public, and just in general trading away civil liberties to the feds. I can’t imagine a 90s art bell holding the same views, and I remember him being against Echelon.


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