2001-07-04 – Art Bell SIT – Col. Phillip Corso – Roswell

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Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returns to July 4th 2001 when Linda Moulton Howe, Philip J. Corso, and Bill Birnes appeared from Roswell, NM, speaking about the infamous UFO crash in 1947.

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  1. Josh says:

    This is totally a Dreamland episode and not a C2C episode. You can hear the Dreamland theme music at various times and Premiere edited it to cut to commercials at weird times, often in the middle of a conversation.

  2. Colin says:

    what the heck?! according to wiki Corso died July 16, 1998! Also the C2C show of July 23, 1997 sure sounds familiar!

    • Josh says:

      About half way through Art tells them thanks for coming on, the show’s ending. Then it goes to commercial and comes back with Corso and John Alexander. What the heck, Premiere is doing some weird editing with these SIT shows.

    • East of the rockies says:

      Two words: time travel

  3. Archivist says:

    Although it looks confusing this is actually a rerun of the two merged episodes (c2c + Dreamland) and the date is actually correct regarding reruns. These are the original notes for this show taken from Keith Rowland CD which explains the whole situation:

    ” 7/04/01 – Wed/Thu

    Host: Best of Art Bell

    Guest: Philip Corso

    The Late Col. Philip Corso, Linda Howe, and William Birnes from July 6th, 1997, followed by Art’s second interview with Col. Philip Corso and Col. John Alexander from July 23rd, 1997. “


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