2000-03-14 – Art Bell SIT – Richard C. Hoagland – Mars Panel Discussion

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time returns to March 14, 2000 when Art hosted a Panel Discussion on Mars.

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  1. east of the rockies says:

    Willbyou be uploading the y2k show playing now on SIT? Thanks for such an awesome site. It is from 3/30/99 and very entertaining.

    • Gandlaf says:

      Yes. but its a rebroadcast
      Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returns to 3/30/1999 when Gary North joined Art for a discussion of the then current scare craze of Y2K and what would happen if the computers went down. This was a rebroadcast of the show from Feb. 2, 1999

      • East of the rockies says:

        Great. Thank you! And it answers my other question, too.

        Am I the only one who feels this gary north y2k shows were epic? Art sounded scared as hell in the hour or so I heard last night!

        • Gandlaf says:

          I think you are. LOL
          I always thought the whole Y2K thing was much ado about nothing and greatly blown out of proportion. It was a cash cow for a lot of computer vendors and my wife was in the field at the time, so I guess I should be thankful. πŸ™‚
          The shows are still fun though.

  2. east of the rockies says:

    Sorry. Left off that it was a gary north show. Also, why can I see a gary north show listed under “upcoming posts” on the left hand side that has the date of 2/19/99, but I cannot find that show with a search on y2k or gary north? Thank. I am probably messing it up somehow.


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