1999-10-26 – Art Bell SIT – Uri Geller – Telepathy & Predictions

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time returns to October 26, 1999 when Art’s guest was Uri Geller of the spoon bending fame. Uri discusses Telepathy Β and give some predictions of the future.

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  1. katmax says:

    Sometimes when I choose a program I get a semi-circle asking me to rate it. I do no understand what that means. Please explain this to me. Also, sometimes the ‘tags’ section gets all wavy; please explain this also. I am a 69-year old woman with very little computer knowledge. and I sincerely appreciate any insight that you can provide.
    Is there an instruction book available on how to use the internet?
    Thant you very much.

    • Gandlaf says:

      When you hover over the Votes section that will come up. That just gives you the rations of Thumbs Up vs. Thumbs Down votes. Click the x in the upper right of the box. As for the tags section I once had an animation on them, but that has been disabled, so I am not quite sure what your seeing. Concerning an instruction book on the internet, Yes!! there is one, its called google.com πŸ™‚

      • Alex says:

        Aw Gandlaf you’re such a sweetie. Listen to your website every night. Only way to fall asleep just like when I was a little girl!


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