2004-07-31- Art Bell SIT – James Bamford – Pretext for War

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time returns to July 31, 2004 when Art’s guest was Investigative journalist and author James Bamford who shared his research into the National Security Agency (NSA) and our reasons for going to war with Iraq. Bamford said he had been threatened with prosecution by the NSA for not relinquishing a previously declassified document released to him under the Freedom of Information Act. The purported document is a summary of the Justice Department’s criminal investigation of illegal spying/eavesdropping performed by the NSA during the 1960s and early 1970s. According to Bamford, the Justice Department did not prosecute the NSA because it would have revealed too many national security secrets.

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  1. Chris NYC says:

    Thanks Gandlaf! Hopefully others enjoy it too.

    • East of the rockies says:

      It looks interesting. I will give it a shot since I have never heard it and it is a good topic. Art seemed to become far more pro government and less willing to question them after 911 though.

  2. East of the rockies says:

    Do you have the Matt drudge interview? I heard art interview him live back in 99 or 2000 or so and have never heard it anywhere else. What was interesting is drudge started rattling off topics and guests that there is no way he would have known about if he was not a listener like us.

    • Gandlaf says:

      Never heard that interview nor do i have it. Was that a full show interview, or just an hour?

      • Chris NYC says:

        I think I remember the interview that East is referring to. I think it was a 1-hour interview, possibly in the first hour, not a full show.

        Drudge used to host a Sunday night radio talk show that would lead straight into C2C. If you guys remember, Art used to be the occasional Sunday-night host for a few years after The One Who Must Not Be Named took over Monday-through-Friday. I think it was later than 99/2000 though, like I’m thinking 2005-2007 or something like that.

        I could be wrong though. My memory is fuzzy. And Art may have had Matt on more than once, for all I know.

  3. East of the rockies says:

    It was just an hour. It was before Sept 11th for sure, and it was really interesting. Drudge spouted off references to gordon michael scallion and talked a lot about weather changes. Drudge and art had a great deal in common.

    He may have been on later, but I remember listening to the live show around 99 or 2000. It was a big deal bc drudge almost never did interviews and art was still in his prime as a show. This was also before drudge had his own radio show, too.

    • 311guy1 says:

      Will you be posting this weeks SIT? It’s the William Pirrce Turner Diaries interview and it’s an upgrade to the current one that’s in the archive. The version that is floating around is considerably shorter and sped up throughout.


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