2002-05-23 – Art Bell SIT – Donna Good Higbee – Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility

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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returns to May 23, 2002 when Art was joined by paranormal researcher Donna Good Higbee, who discussed her research in Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility, a strange syndrome where people suddenly find themselves invisible in the real world.

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  1. Alexandra hazell says:

    One of my favourite episodes. It makes me chuckle and question too.

  2. SleeStak says:

    Hang in there Gandlaf my old friend! You and your work means so much to so many!

  3. East of the rockies says:

    This sounds really interesting. Will listen later today. Thanks

  4. east of the rockies says:

    I am curious about how to download shows, too.

  5. Gandlaf says:

    You should be able to from the rss feed.

  6. Dozza says:

    Thank you Gandalf I really appreciate your hard work updating , uploading and making it possible to listen at ease and for free. I can’t sleep without listening to Art even a repeat πŸ™‚


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