1998-07-23 – Art Bell SIT – Albert Taylor – Out of Body Travel – Open Lines

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time returns to July 23, 1998 when Art discussed his OBE experience he had while on vacation in Paris with guest Albert Taylor. Final 2 hours and first hour were Open lines. Full 5 hour show.

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  1. east of the rockies says:

    As usual, thanks for all your work. Do you happen to have any other gary north shows? My memory might be off, but I remember him coming on a regular basis before y2k.

    • Gandlaf says:

      I think I have some others, will check

      • east of the rockies says:

        Great. Thanks so much cor already uploading one. Those shows were so entertaining! I seem to remember him coming on every month or two for a while there. Did anyone else like the y2k shows?


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