2001-04-30 – Art Bell SIT – Scott Mandelker & David Wilcock – The Time of Global Shift


Art Bell Somewhere in Time returns to April 30, 2001 when guests  Scott Mandelker and  David Wilcock joined Art to discuss Earth changes, prophecy and the cycles of time.


  1. Thanks for posting/hosting these shows. I know you’ve had some personal events (and I hope things are going well or working out.) But, somehow, I can’t find ways to download the files anymore? So I can listen on my phone later when not on WiFi. It could just be me so I apologize if I’m missing something here. Thanks again.

    • I can’t find a way to change my comment but I read some other comments and realized what happened. I’m so sorry for your loss and hope you are doing ok.

      As others have stated, I love the site and check it at least weekly but rarely comment. I also have been hesitant (selfish person?) to share with others because of the tentacles of IHate Media, Inc paralegals as they have gone after sites/broadcasters of the ‘good stuff.’ And the Phil Hendrie mess in the past. But love the site and keep up the good work and hope you are doing well after the tragic loss and battle. Forget about my inability to download comment, it is probably me or my browser. Be well.

      • thanks for your kind words. Good to see there are some of you out there enjoying the site. It has keept me busy and not focused on my problems.

  2. east of the rockies

    I think a lot of us use this site but never comment. It is a great site!

  3. Gandlaf, would you happen to have a C2C episode hosted by Art where he interviewed author James Bamford about his book “A Pretext for War” about the war in Iraq? I believe it was from 2004 but I could be wrong.

    I caught a snippet of the interview on an Art Bell stream on the TuneIn app, but haven’t been able to find it in full. Seemed like a good episode with a good debate between the host and callers.

    If you have that and can share it, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks again for the work you put into this site. Best, Chris.


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