2016-08-20 – George Knapp C2C – Women In Black – California Occultist

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UFO and paranormal researcher, Nick Redfern, will join George Knapp to discuss the dark and disturbing evidence surrounding the WIB including stories of their involvement with alien abductions, Mothman, time-travel, and the dark domain of all things supernatural. In the second half, LA Times staff writer, Louis Sahagun will discuss how Manly Palmer Hall, author of the landmark publication The Secret Teachings of All Ages, regarded as the best introduction to Western esoteric ideas, and the founder of the Philosophical Research Society.  Hall became the twentieth century’s most prolific writer and speaker on ancient philosophies, mysticism and magic, including his strangulation death in what remains an open-ended Hollywood murder mystery.

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  1. Allen says:

    You’re missing the 8-28-16 show. Any chance of posting it?


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