1996-02-09 – Art Bell SIT – Andy Gause – National Debt, Deficit & Investing

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Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returns to February 9, 1996 when money expert Andy Gause spoke about the national debt, the deficit, gold, investing, and the secret history of money.

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  1. Aleksandr says:

    Thank you so much for this site! The folks that made the Ultimate Art Bell collection seemed to have stopped updating it so this is where I have to go to get the old shows that weren’t in their collection.

    • east of the rockies says:

      Agreed. This is by far the best bell related site or collection that exists. If I were rich i would buy the entire art bell collection from the soon to be bankrupt iheart radio and pay the owner of this site to stream it.

  2. brian says:

    great show but the guy was way off , predicting double digit inflation during hillbillies second term.

  3. brian says:

    as someone who owned a family travel agency for 30 years and my mom was on close to 200 cruises, sais the masdam which art was promoting was the WORST holland america ship she was ever on.


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