1996-06-13 – Art Bell SIT – Stanton Friedman & Richard Berendzen – Space Travel, Roswell & UFO’s


Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returns to June 13, 1996 when physicists, Richard Berendzen and Stanton Friedman, talked about space travel, lunar history, radio telescope communication, Roswell, and the Varginha UFO incident.


  1. Man, I sure appreciate this thing you do! Thanks so much!

  2. Redcloudshaman

    You have no idea how much these shows are appreciated. Since I’m living in Japan I’ve had no access to Coast to Coast or American culture for quite some time.

    Before leaving the U.S. I was an avid listener to Coast. I started listening a bit too late for Art, but since finding this site, I can truly say that no one has or could compare with his talent as an interviewer and his awesome personality.

    George pussyfoots around and always tries to take the middle road.

    Once again, 1000 thank you’s from Japan!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying them. You won’t find any Snorry here. He truly SUCKS. I can’t listen to more than 30 seconds of him and you are right, Art is the Undisputed King of paranormal radio.

  3. I really enjoyed the Berendzen segment.

  4. kathy henderson`

    I totally agree with the above comments, Since discovering your site. I have been able to hear many of Art’s shows that I had never heard before. are the programs here available for download for personal use? We have been having a lot of storms where the power goes out, and having Art to listen to would keep away the darkness. Again, thanks a million for this site,


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