2003-12-26 – Art Bell SIT – Richard C. Hoagland – Importance of Mars

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time returned to December 26,  2003 when Richard Hoagland of Enterprise Mission discussed new Mars missions, as well as the significance of ancient artifacts on the red planet .  Addressing the notion of a “curse” on Mars missions, he commented that the failed signal from Beagle 2, was probably not due to sabotage, but more likely a problem that occurred in the tricky landing process. Hoagland was still upbeat though, saying a JPL source told him that the orbiting Mars Express’s ground penetrating radar equipment may reveal far more (such as evidence for underground cities) than Beagle 2 would have anyway.

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  1. Heavy10mm says:

    Awesome! Say, did you ever hear the one where Art interviewed the crazy black supremicist? I can’t find it anywhere.

    And as always, thank you SO MUCH for what you do! You’re awesome!

    • Gandlaf says:

      I don’t recall that one. Do you know the guys name?

      • Heavy10mm says:

        I don’t remember but I’ll look. I think it was “Professor Something”… It was one of Art’s more surreal interviews, especially considering the fact that it wasn’t paranormal.

        Say, any chance you’re on Instagram?

        • Gandlaf says:

          Not on instagram. Can’t compete with my step-son who gloats about his 1/2 million followers. You can find me on twitter as @noorysucks


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