2004-02-07 – Art Bell SIT – Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath – EVP & UFO Shoot Down


Art Bell Somewhere in Time Feb. 7, 2004 when Main guests Brendan Cook & Barbara McBeath of the Ghost Investigators Society returned with a new selection of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Saturday’s first hour guest, a Brigadier General from the South African army, identified only as “Chris,” described an incident where he was involved in shooting down a UFO in 1992.
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  1. brian stefanick

    This show just stopped in the middle of the show we only got to the fifth evp than nothing I’m changing my like rating I mean come on dude thats not fair

    • I restarted the server. Seems to be working now.

      • brian stefanick

        Its not listen to the show brandons just starting to say somthing and it just stops look a the time for the show 2 hours and 47 mins since when did art do a 2 hour 47 min show and the first 40 mins is about the ufo so restarting the server dosent replace 2 hours of show ive listened to it 3 times now and its ends abruptly everytime

  2. I have no problem hearing the entire show. Some people just like to complain for the heck of it I guess.


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