1997-03-04 – Art Bell SIT – Open Lines – Weather, Space & Mels Hole

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Art Bell Somewhere in Time returned to March 4, 1997 for an evening of Open Lines, which included such topics as changing weather, space, and a bottomless hole in WA (Mel’s Hole).

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  1. Twash says:

    Have they had any “new” SIT shows? Seems like every week the SIT show is one that’s either one a collector has or it’s one they’ve aired before. We get 52 chances every year to get a new show to add to the archives and I swear in 2018 nothing was new.

  2. East of the rockies says:

    Good question. Were any shows in 2018 previously unaired? There has to be still be hundreds or even thousands of unaired shows remaining.

  3. Twash says:

    I think there was a few new unaired shows in 2018, but Gandlaf would know for sure. They seem to be doing the same SIT shows over and over.


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