1999-11-02 – Art Bell SIT – Terry & Linda Jamison – The Psychic Twins

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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time journeyed back to November 2, 1999, when psychic twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, joined Art to discuss their automatic writing abilities and  their forecasts of the future.

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  1. john eddy says:

    Does anyone have these?

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 3/30/99 for a discussion of the then current scare craze of Y2K and what would happen if the computers went down.
    Host: Art Bell – Somewhere In Time
    Show Archive
    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time
    Saturday – October 15, 2016

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 3/25/99, when professor of theoretical physics Michio Kaku talked about the difference between a Type 0 civilization (us) and far more advanced ET civilizations.
    Host: Art Bell – Somewhere In Time
    Guest(s): Michio Kaku

  2. east of the rockies says:


    This site has tons of shows. Without a doubt the best art bell site on the internet.

  3. This is the original interview we did with Art Bell on 11/2/99. In this show, we predicted the events of 9/11 in detail, the stock crash of 2000, the win of George W. Bush before he was nominated, and Y2K. Thanks for re-airing this, many skeptics claim that this tape never existed. You have helped us to prove them wrong. Thanks Coast to Coast AM!

    Terry and Linda Jamison

    • Holy Koolaid says:

      George Bush was the most likely candidate. You predicted nothing major would happen during Y2K two months beforehand just like everyone else. You said the stock market would crash in May of 2000. The stock market has dipped every couple years on a regular basis, but even still, the dotcom bubble was in March not May. You said the world trade center would be attacked in 2002 and didn’t say how or who (it had already been attacked by terrorists once before and was known to be a major target). Now here are all of your failed predictions:

      Aids cure in 2002
      Breast cancer drug breakthrough in 2003 cured by 2007
      Most cancers cured by 2008
      Communication with UFOs will be commonplace by 2006
      Christopher Reeve will walk again with aid
      A cure for spinal injury induced paralysis by 2009
      Stock Market Crash around 2004 or 2005
      Race riot in Tennessee in 2001
      Quebec will separate from Canada by 2000
      TWA Flight 800 was a bomb
      ET contact will be publicly made in 2012
      There are no new illnesses. Everything just keeps popping back up.
      Terrorist attacks on federal buildings in South Carolina by July 2002
      Terrorist attacks on federal buildings in Georgia by July 2002
      Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center in 2002
      Dec 99 School shootings in Washington
      School shooting in Texas in April 2000 with 6 dead
      School shooting in Detroit – May 2001
      School shootings in Houston, Tennessee, Alabama 2002, Boston, Omaha 2006
      Failed Presidential assassination attempts 2004 or 2006
      May 5, 2000 – Stock Market Crash because of planet alignment
      Pyramids built by extraterrestrial energy

      If I make a million predictions, of course some will stick. I’m not impressed. Don’t drink the koolaid, people. These minxes are con artists.


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