1998-02-26 – Art Bell SIT – Peter Davenport & Michael Curta – Colorado Strangeness

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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to February 26, 1998 for a discussion on strange aerial activity in Colorado with Peter Davenport and Michael Curta. Open Lines included a caller who claims he is responsible for leaking the MJ12 documents.

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  1. east of the rockies says:

    Great show. Have never heard this before. This site is always putting up shows I have never heard before. I know it is hard work, but lots of us appreciate it.

    • Gandlaf says:

      Glad you enjoyed East!! That has been on the site for a while. It seems the past two weekends of radio SIT’s have been repeats of earlier SIT’s. They just changed the voice over announcer. I prefer Ross Mitchell. They are slacking off over at Premrat

  2. east of the rockies says:

    No one is better than ross mitchell. I have loved his voice since I first heard it in 96. There was just something about that voice in the middle of the night. Besides, when zz top features you in a song, how is that guy going to be topped? Has premier stopped using ross for the sit stuff? Hope not!

    There are tons of art shows on your site I havent made my way around to listening to yet, and I guess this was one since it was already here, ha ha.

    • Gandlaf says:

      They stopped using Ross about 5 years ago lol. Yea Ross has balls the size of a small planet.

      • east of the rockies says:

        I knew for the live stuff they had stupidly stopped, but I meant for the recorded sit shows. I never listen to anything other than SIT anyway, so I am not exactly in the loop on c2cam lol.

        At least we got to hear some cool promos from ross for both of arts quittening shows on xm and streaming.

  3. Rhett Briggs says:

    Po ups that won’t shut down and make my phone crash over and over. Thanks ?!!!!!!!!


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