1999-03-11 – Art Bell SIT – Peter Davenport & Robert Fairfax – Chicago UFO Sighting


Art Bell Somewhere in Time journeys back to to March 11, 1999, when Art was joined by Peter Davenport and Robert Fairfax who were just back from an investigation in Chicago of a UFO sighting (witnessed by 14 forestry workers) where a small craft picked up and kidnapped a fully grown adult elk.


  1. funniest line i ever heard art say was when he asked the caller if he ”fondled” the dinner plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. East of the rockies

    I love these old Peter Davenport shows.

  3. Wildcard line

    Drove a semi truck for 21 years and Art Bell got me through many nights. Love hearing shows reaired after hearing them live the night they played.


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