2002-01-18 – Art Bell SIT – Open Lines – Bizarre Open Lines


Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to January 18, 2002 for a night of bizarre Open Lines, with calls from inter-dimensional beings, pets that can talk, and levitators.

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  1. I dont know what , but , i listen to these shows most evenings
    This show however for some reason , gave me the worst nightmares.
    I listen in bed at night worh earphones on and try get to sleep
    I have terrible insomnia at times

    But yeah , im going to listen again tonight to make sure it wasnt me
    If nughtmares haopen again (dreams that are so realistic i woke up crying, no lies)
    Been first time in a lomg while for thag kinda dreamstate thats for sure


    Speak soon


    • Hey Leah,
      I’m sorry you were traumatized. 馃槈 I listen the same way, earphones at night originally because of insomnia but these days more for the minor irritating case of tinnituss I have. The shows usually put me to sleep within 5 minutes. Though, I smoked some canibus for the first time in many years recently just before bedtime, thinking it would put me to sleep even faster. 3 hours later i was still listening to every word like it was so profound. Next morning I couldn’t remember which show it was. lol

      • Haha! What u like!
        I used to years ago but i get paranoia and anxiety nowadays
        I have used cbd vape oils some times thats nice and mild and also legal here which is super cool
        I listen to these shows and get actually upset at the goodnight c2c bumper cisco music now art has passed gbhs
        Thanks for your updates i really love them man x
        Your friend , leah

        • Im sorry to hear you have tinnitus

        • It became legal for everyone in California this year. I have no problems falling asleep these days. My issue is I can’t seem to get more than 3 hours of sleep without waking so I thought I would give it a try and see if it would give me longer sleeps. But like I said , it ended up giving me less. I know a lot of people seem to have issues with grass and paranoia. I sometimes have gotten mild paranoia, but have always enjoyed it, as strange as that may sound. Tinnitus is one of those problems that can drive you crazy if you focus on it. I have just learned to not, of coarse mine is not that serious and I hope it stays that way. Too many loud rock concerts in my youth I guess.

  2. One of my favorite shows of all time! Thanks for sharing it.


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