1995-08-25 – Art Bell SIT – Open Lines – Alien Hotline

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Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returns to returned to August 25, 1995. It was the eve of the Alien Autopsy film being released, and Art opened up the infamous alien hotline – giving “ET’s” living on Earth a chance to speak out – including a call from an ET from a region with two planets at war with each other for hundreds of years.

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  1. doom says:

    Would love to hear this one, but it won’t feed.

    • Gandlaf says:

      It seems some older Android Phones have problems playing the mp4 video format that some shows are recorded in. what are you using? I will replace it with an mp3 .

  2. doom says:

    I’m just using IE on my browser. If you could upload it as an mp3 like the new shows that would be awesome, Thanks!

  3. Drake says:

    This was literally one of the goofest episodes I can remember.


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