1995-08-25 – Art Bell SIT – Open Lines – Alien Hotline


Art Bell – Somewhere in Time returns to returned to August 25, 1995. It was the eve of the Alien Autopsy film being released, and Art opened up the infamous alien hotline – giving “ET’s” living on Earth a chance to speak out – including a call from an ET from a region with two planets at war with each other for hundreds of years.
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  1. Would love to hear this one, but it won’t feed.

    • It seems some older Android Phones have problems playing the mp4 video format that some shows are recorded in. what are you using? I will replace it with an mp3 .

  2. I’m just using IE on my browser. If you could upload it as an mp3 like the new shows that would be awesome, Thanks!

  3. This was literally one of the goofest episodes I can remember.


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